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Squeeze Me In – When You Absolutely Positively Need To See a Doctor Now 

You no longer have to wait weeks or months to see a doctor.  We have the ability to Squeeze You In to the appointment schedules of some of the best doctors in your area. 

Only we can Squeeze You In to see the specialist you need, on your schedule, without the hassle of insurance, with a discounted affordable prepaid visit.

Whether you have insurance or not, our $125 prepaid office visits is a great value.

Insurance should not be an issue, especially when your health is concerned. We take the bite out of the initial specialist’s fee, but not the care you require.

Office visits with a specialist can be as much as $400 or more. If you don’t have insurance or if your insurance doesn’t cover a specialist’s visit our $125 prepaid visit provides significant savings. 

Even if you have insurance finding a last minute appointment within your network that also meets your schedule can be challenging. Squeeze Me In can save you time and money with our $125 prepaid office visit.

We work with the finest doctors in your area to get you an appointment when you need it.

All you do is enter your address and the type of doctor you need and we will show you when and where we can Squeeze You In.

We display the list of available appointments and distances from the location you've entered. Select your appointment and checkout, then we provide you with your doctor’s name, address, phone number(s) and appointment confirmation. Your $125 prepaid office (which  includs our convenience fee) will be collected at checkout. IT IS THAT EASY TO GET SQUEEZED IN!

Our $125 prepaid office visit does not include any labs or tests that you and the office agree upon..

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