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We created this site specifically to match patients, who need appointments right away, with doctors who have open appointment slots. This prepaid service is free to every doctor* who registers with Squeeze Me In

Whether your open appointment slots are due to cancelations or a change in your office schedule they all translate into decreased productivity and revenue. This site will help you fill those slots, guarantee you revenue, and best of all it won't cost you a penny.

Once you complete the registration process (10 minutes) your office staff can begin entering open appointments…same day or one, two, or three days ahead, or longer.

Patients prepay for their visit based on a $100 discounted office charge.  This fee covers the office visit in full any excludes any test or procedures that you and the patient agree upon.

If the patient chooses to stay with you for follow up visits you owe us nothing, and you have gained another patient.

Our service is completely free of charge for the doctor's office, we collect a $25 convenience fee from the patient.

SO, register today and get started filling up your schedule.

For more information please email us at:


* All doctors need to be either Board Certified or Board Eligible

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